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I have been in successful practice for 32 years.


As both a Psychoanalyst and a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am able to treat the broad spectrum of emotional problems effectively.


This thorough clinical training equips me to treat severe emotional disturbances (depression, suicide attempts, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, eating disorders, addictions, autism, attachment disorders, etc.) and also less severe but equally important emotional issues (relationship, divorce, work-related, bereavement, developmental and phase or life).


An in-depth approach gets to the core of the issue with the patient and results in quicker, more effective and lasting results.


My Ph.D. is in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Psychoanalytic training requires in depth clinical work consisting of 4-8 years of: 

  • Successful treatment of severe emotional disturbances.

  • Rigorous academic studies.

  • Weekly supervision on each case.

  • The Ph.D. candidate's own psychoanalysis 4-5 times weekly with a Training Analyst for the entire length of training.

My Master's degree is in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy.  I am licensed in Hawaii and in California . This training equips me with understanding of family and couple dynamics and treatment techniques.


Other Training:


Before my formal training, I led parent groups focused on helping first-time parents cope with their children's emotional issues (crying, night-time disturbances, feeding, toilet training, tantrums, discipline, etc.). I was a Probation Counselor at a girls' juvenile hall upon graduation from college. I was also a Foster Home Evaluation Counselor. These experiences inspired me to pursue post graduate education and training as a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst.


I am a Mother of two and a Grandmother of four. This has been and is an invaluable life experience and enriches and informs my Psychotherapy Practice.

Insurance Providers: H.M.S.A., H.M.A.A., U.H.A., Kaiser Added Choice

34 Hauwahine Lane #101, HI, Kihei 96753. 

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